Always keep your guard up with Varnikha Enterprises the residences of all scale. From single homes to gated communities to residential towers, we work with homeowners and developers at every level. We bring our proven track record of protecting some of the biggest names in India to create a residential security solution that fits into your needs and budgets.

Currency Counting Machines

  • Varnikha Enterprises ingenuity and dedication has worked with every type business to successfully process and manage its money.
  • currency counting machines are reliable and consistent performance even for the notes with poor quality.
  • Capitalizing on our experience and excellent reputation in the field of money handling, the machines are designed to continually provide the superior performance demanded and expected by every operator of the equipment.

Boundle Note Counting Machines

  • Varnikha Enterprises by hand can be a time consuming and Cashier intensive task where mistakes can be common.
  • Currency Counting machines were designed to increase efficiency in cashier and reduce human error.
  • Note counting machines is the fast, user friendly, cost-effective and highly accurate method of money counting.

Fake Note Detectors

  • counterfeit note detectors are designed for checking the accuracy of documents, Currencies and Credit/Debit Cards.
  • The product is most useful at Cash Desks of Banks, ATM centers, retail outlets, treasuries/ currency chests etc as it enables identification of Fake Indian Currency Notes that are in circulation in large numbers.

Note Sorting Machines

  • Note Sorting Machine is the compact and portable desktop solution for multi-currency counting and sorting challenges.
  • Engineered to deliver unprecedented efficiency savings through continuous and uninterrupted use, it can denominate and authenticate different currencies at a processing speed of 1000 notes per minute.

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