Small businesses have unique fire and security requirements. Whether it’s a jewellery store or a
startup, a limited but powerful solution can help you secure your interests better. eZONE works with
small businesses spread across single or multiple locations and to build a more secure environment.

“Your Eye in the Sky… and get full control…”

Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting them. Video camera systems can be designed for on wide variety of applications, so they provide undisputed evidence.
Keep control of who accesses your premises with our access control systems. With card, biometric and entrance control solutions, you can restrict access to people who don’t belong there. For larger campuses, we create a wider and more integrated access control solution with additional security features such as boom barriers, bollards and other implements.

CCTV Surveillance

  • We have implemented thousands of Video Surveillance systems across various domains, keeping in mind the core need – surveillance and undisputed evidence.
  • We can offer high megapixel IP CCTV system that is connected to a highly reliable Linux based NVR box with SCSI storage. Based on your requirement, basic analog CCTV systems may be a solution.
  • Weather you are an IT company or a Jewelry Store, a mall or a retail store… we have CCTV solutions that fit your exact needs. Whatever the requirement, we provide reliable solution…

Access Control and Time Attendance

  • We can design and implement access control systems for multiple doors across multi-locations integrated on to a single server.
  • Monitor your employee attendance and manage access across the business. This is the best way to prevent an incident from occurring
  • 24x7/365 days a year we can bring solutions that keep working for you.

Video Evidence with Reports

  • Weather you are an Office Space or a Jewelry Store or a mall or a Retail Store; you will have your eye in the sky and view on your mobile.
  • We design Storage and retrieval solution based on your requirements. This can be as a workforce monitoring based and also for evidence documentation.
  • We can provide access to reports based on the business requirements.

“Protecting life and Property”

Our detection of fire and alarm systems is critical to protecting your employees, customers and business assets. Whether it is a stand- alone system comprising of just a few detectors or a larger system linked to a fire panel, we can design a solution to suit your requirements.

Fire Detection Systems

  • Successfully designed and implemented appropriate Fire Safety systems for locations with people, warehouses, retail stores and other high net-worth premises.
  • Addressable or Non-addressable fire alarm systems… our detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and can be monitored around the clock.
  • Integrating to other systems like Access Control, Voice Evacuation, etc., in situation of high-ceilings, high-rise, and amongst strict fire codes of NFPA / NBC / FM

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Higher safety regulations being implemented by the government; products such as Fire Detectors, Sprinklers, Extinguishers, Alarms. From one fire sensor to fifty or more, we can provide a solution that suits.
  • Either it be fire extinguisher, water based or aerosol based suppression systems… we have the appropriate solutions to address your needed.
  • We have successfully commissioned Aerosol systems at several notable large clients for their Electrical Rooms, malls, offices, and many more…

Experience and expertise

  • Innovations in the sensor networks, increasing rules and mandatory standards, and improved HMI solutions are the huge opportunities for the higher growth of the FPS market
  • We can help reduce your risk and help prevent fire damage. We can derive design based on various standards and by qualified and certified experts.
  • Qualified and certified installation teams

“Protect your business… and get full control…”

A Security alarm or Intrusion Alarm; is a system designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a home, building or area. Business can increase the ROI by using the same system to monitor for status of Open, Close, Late Close, Who Opened, etc.,
Our alarm systems are combination systems that provide both fire and intrusion protection. Intrusion alarm systems may also be combined with closed-circuit television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders.

Easy Operation

  • Affordable system, that can help protect your business from intrusion, burglary and vandalism. In the event of a detected break-in, our 24-hour central station can automatically alert police - day or night.
  • Operating this system is as easy as 123, making it friendly for kids and elderly.
  • Our systems are self-reliant and they have a self-check (Periodic Test Signals) for the diagnosis of system working condition.

24x7 monitoring

  • Our state-of-the-art Central Monitoring Station has been in non-stop operation since 2002.
  • We hold the history of preventing several hundred burglaries, several lives, and many more, to add value to our customers.
  • Our systems are working for you even when you are not. Sign-up with and rest is all assured.

Alerts and Reports

  • Weather you are an Office Space or a Jewelry Store or a mall or a Retail Store; you will have your eye in the sky and get notified incase of any abnormal intrusion signal received from IAS.
  • Our 24 / 7 CMS can be a dual role system by not only alerting you on Alarm situations… But, also on Any System Failure (self check), late closing, Open / Close reports, etc.,
  • Our fully trained personnel are available round the clock to assist you in any case of intrusion related questions.

Biometric and card access systems

Be in control of who you allow into your premises. eZONE engineers an access control system based on usage and access levels. We have the capability to build simple gate stations as well as complex security and control systems. With card, biometric and camera monitored entry systems we create a complete access management system for your business.

Reliable sensors

We use reputed OEMs for all our sensors and peripherals

Quick setup

Our team sets up your access system and trains you on how to use it

Attendance tracking

Track in and out times as well as leaves taken by staff

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